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whatever life holds in store for me, i will never forget these words: “with great power comes great responsibility.” this is my gift. my curse. who am i? i’m spider-man.

Britain’s black power movement is being written out of recent cultural history because it does not fit into the “utopian” narrative of the UK being a nation of civilised fair play, a new book argues.

The authors of the work, the first detailed history of black power in Britain, argue that an important chapter of recent cultural history is in danger of being forgotten.

The Cambridge academic Robin Bunce said: “There is a fundamental danger of erasing the very notion of a struggle at all. I’ve been researching this for four and a half years and there have been so many occasions when people have said to me: ‘There was no black struggle in Britain. You’re thinking of South Africa or America.’

"The narrative that feeds it is the one that Britain is the utopia of fair play. We have such a commitment to individual rights, we have such a commitment to common sense and decency that there is no systematic racism in Britain."

Bunce and Paul Field have published a political biography of Darcus Howe – one of the most significant black activists in Britain – using him as a framework for a history of the black power movement in Britain.

They argue that key flashpoints, such as the trial of the Mangrove Nine in 1970 and the Black People’s March of 1981 are becoming a kind of forgotten history.

In the book’s introduction they argue “there has been a resurgence of outright denial, linked to the romantic, dumbed-down ‘whiggish’ view of history that suggests racism was always someone else’s problem”.

The authors have examined speeches by David Cameron, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair.

The latter two, when speaking about black slavery, talk about how Britain abolished it, not how the nation was complicit in it.

Bunce said Cameron’s narrative of history was about “the British heart” and the cherishing of individual rights. The prime minister talks about the Magna Carta and the creation of civil rights, the abolition of slavery, the defeat of fascism in the second world war and the defeat of communism in the cold war.

"If that is your narrative of British history then there can be no need for a black rights movement," said Bunce. "Any black person who says they are being discriminated against is clearly just making it up, because the British are just so fair."



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Thus, white-on-black oppression is much more than a “black-white paradigm,” conceptual framework, media emphasis, or dialogue about race. It is a comprehensive system of exploitation and oppression originally designed by white Americans for black Americans, a system of racism that for centuries has penetrated every major area of American society and thus shaped the lives of every American, black and nonblack. […]

From the beginning a key aspect of the foundation of the United States, and of the colonies earlier, has been a system of racism centered substantially in white-on-black oppression. This long-standing structure of racism has been extended and tailored for each new non-European group brought into the sphere of white domination. Thus, U.S. society is not a multiplicity of disconnected racisms directed at peoples of color. Instead, this U.S. society has a central white-supremacist core initially developed in the minds, ideologies, practices, and institutions of those calling themselves “whites” for destroying the indigenous societies and for exploiting African American labor.

This structure of racialized domination was later extended and adapted by the descendants of the founders for the oppression of other non-European groups such as Asian and Latino Americans. The critics are justified in criticizing the social sciences, media, and government agencies for not researching or discussing more centrally the racially oppressed situations of Asian and Latino Americans. These and other non-European groups are becoming ever more important to the racial-ethnic mix of the United States, and they do suffer greatly from the white-racist system.

However, one must also accent a critical point too often missed by critics of the so-called binary paradigm: That white elites and the white public have long evaluated, reacted to, and dominated later non-European entrants coming into the nation from within a previously established and highly imbedded system of antiblack racism.
Joe Feagin, Racist America
The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.
Alwin Toffler (via nuclearharvest)


People creaming themselves over Nicki now that she’s “toned it down”  and is going “back to her roots” or whatever leaves a really bad taste in mouth. Maybe all the pink drag and pop music was an aspect of herself she wanted to explore? How you even know who the “real” Nicki is? Like dressing up in “wacky” outfits doesn’t make you fake.  


if you say your hair has never annoyed you to the point of wanting to shave your head you’re lying